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UK Finance Books

If you want to research finances and loans you may like to take a look at these finance books. These books should help you get the most from your efforts and help you become aware of some problems.

Mortgages for DummiesMortgages for Dummies

Excellent, plain English explanation of the various mortgages and how to choose one that best fits your situation. Also details how to shop and negotiate the best deal...with all the hype about shopping on the internet,

Price: £3.88

Publication: Sep 2004

Mortgages for Dummies

Personal Finance for DummiesPersonal Finance for Dummies

Too many personal finance consultants offer financial advice that ignores the big picture and instead focuses on investing. You need much more than that to plan your future. You need a broader understanding of personal finance that includes all areas of your financial life in order to become financially sound.

Price: £8.99

Publication: Sep 2006

Personal Finance for Dummies

Sorting Out Your Finances for DummiesSorting Out Your Finances for Dummies

"…aims to help consumers plot where their money goes, know their limits and choose the right financial products for a more prosperous future." (The Scotsman, 2nd April, 2005)

Publication: Mar 2005

Sorting Out Your Finances for Dummies

The Money Diet: The Ultimate Guide to Shedding Pounds Off Your Bills and Saving Money on Everything!The Money Diet: The Ultimate Guide to Shedding Pounds Off Your Bills and Saving Money on Everything!

"Do you want to cut your bills without cutting back? Are you fed up with being ripped off? Do you want more money in your pocket without changing your lifestyle? What we all need is detailed, no-nonsense advice about organising credit cards, finding the cheapest utilities, how to get the very best mortgage deals and how to haggle with every shopkeeper - in other words, how to make sure we're not wasting pennies. With one hundred new MoneySaving pages, in this fully updated edition of the bestselling The Money Diet, Martin Lewis shows you how to be canny with your finances, and provides clear-cut advice on payment of bills, ways to slash spending, which banks to use and choosing the best deals on an even greater range of products, including: mobile phones; package holidays; pensions, credit cards and insurance; books, CDs and DVDs.

Price: £5.99

Publication: Dec 2005

The Money Diet: The Ultimate Guide to Shedding Pounds Off Your Bills and Saving Money on Everything!

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